The chicken and the egg.

It occurs to me, much to my dismay, that I can understand how all of these Hollywood types are constantly getting into and out of relationships with other actors.

OK, I swear that this will tie into the title in a little bit.  Back to my story.

With any artist, the act of creating brings with it some of the artist. In the case of actors, they are interpreting and acting out the thoughts and feelings of someone else: the writer. In order to do that, they immerse themselves in that character, which can lead to some transference of those thoughts and feelings.  I mean really: if you pretend to love someone for so long, doesn’t it become your nature to actually love that person?

But for writers,  who do we blame?  All of the thoughts and feelings we write don’t come from anyone else; they come from us.  So do our thoughts and feelings change our writing, or does that act of writing these thoughts and feelings over and over change the way we think and feel?

Which came first?

See?  I told you we’d get there.

But it doesn’t answer my question.

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