Types of writing

So I’ve been thinking about my writing specifically and writing in general.  I write fiction. I realize where my strengths lie and I’m cool with that. But sometimes it really bothers me that I’m not a poet.  Poetry has never been my “thing,” but I attempt it every once in while. Mostly I do this to remind myself that I’m not any good at it, but sometimes there’s a germ of an idea that I don’t have the time to expand into full prose, so I’ll whip out a tremendously bad bit of free verse to encapsulate an idea for later.  Sometimes I use it for that, and sometimes I use it to vent. Either way, they’re not very good POEMS.

In acknowledgement of that, I am creating a new category on this blog to hold that really bad poetry. I’ve already got one that I need to put up which I’ll get to later today.  Just remember that I ALREADY KNOW THAT IT IS POETICALLY VERY BAD!!!  No need to post reminding me of its technical deficiencies.  If you must comment, at least be constructive.



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