You sent what to who?

Today I am taking a very big step for me. I am mailing an academic paper that I wrote to two of the people that I discuss in it. This has got me genuinely frightened. Not only because, assuming they actually read the paper, it will mark the most outside exposure for something I’ve done, but because I don’t really want them to think that I was bashing on them in it.  I don’t think I was,  but I was discussing a lot of negative points.

This is totally what fear is like.  I think I would rather have a stack of rejection letters than do this, but I can’t in good conscience not allow them to see it.

Hopefully I will simply get a note or something that says “interesting approach” or something Iike that.  As long as I don’t get a “who are you to say all this stuff you punk?”

Yeah. Definitely nervous.  If I ever hear anything I’ll be sure to post it here, but I guess that this is one of the perils of writing,  no matter what the genre.

And yet we still write.  Weird.  Eventually I will post a link to the paper,  but since it has been accepted for publication, I can’t really do that right now. But I will.

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