New rules for the blog. Listen up, me.

Okay, so after gathering input from other bloggers and writers and readers and literate squirrels and lolcatz I have decided on some ground rules for this blog.

1) I will post not less frequently than every Sunday.  If something completely blog-able rears its ugly head before Sunday, I’ll post it ASAP.

2) I will post some example of my writing or writing process at least weekly.  This may take the form of a posting reviewing what I was thinking about or a short draft of an idea or character.

3) I will, unfortunately for some people, post completely random stuff without scheduling it.  This rule lets me vent or giggle or opine as much as I want without it affecting my writing posts.

4) Additional rules will become obvious and this list will be updated from time to time as that occurs.

That being said, please re-blog or link to any postings you see here that strike your fancy, provided you provide citation for the source, and let me know where it’s going to be at.  I’d like to see where my words make it to in the big, wide world.

Thank you for playing.

That is all.  You may go back to your lives, citizens.


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