Car service, doctor’s appointments, not writing, and simply being a blip in the universe.

So as I sit here in the service department waiting area at the Mini dealership waiting for my daughters car to be completely re-keyed (that’s a whole other blog post), she is at the dentist getting her wisdom teeth out and a couple cavities filled. Her mom is with her, but even though she’s 18, it’s still tough to know she’s suffering. She’ll always be our baby, even though she’s got a steady—and apparently incredibly devoted—boyfriend and will be starting college this fall.

She, of course, would cringe to read that. We raised her to be independent, and no that doesn’t mean that we abandoned her at every opportunity (stupid child neglect laws), but what we did do was challenge her to think and question and reason, even with us, as she was growing up. I’ll admit, sometimes that seems like a bad tactic to have taken, but really, she’s an exceptional kid. No, she’s an exceptional young lady. I take zero credit for anything about her except for her stupid sense of humor and, apparently, her one jacked-up eyebrow (again, another blog post). She takes after her mom’s side of the family, and that’s cool; her mom is way stronger than I am.

But anyway: so I wound up spending almost 6 hours at the dealer, only to wind up having to leave the car overnight. Did I mention it’s a 40 mile trip to the dealer? Yeah, thankfully they figured I deserved a loaner vehicle, so I got to come rushing home and go to my own doctor’s appointment, a pre-op for an ankle scope later this week. Nothing major, and as I have no real concerns, I won’t say anything more about that. But, I finally make it home, and my wonderful daughter is being waited on her pretty-okay boyfriend. She’s still got some vomiting, and isn’t eating, But the pain is controlled, so that’s a good thing. Everything will be okay.

So, on top of spending all day sitting in a waiting room with no appreciable results, going to another doctor’s appointment that makes me realize yet again just how broken I am at my age, I get an email asking for edits to the works cited page of an article I submitted, and I snap at the requester. (To be fair, I did apologize for it in the same email)

Finally, after spending the rest of my evening not writing or doing anything else even remotely productive, just sitting on the couch feeling pissy, I had to take the trash out for tomorrow morning’s pickup, and as I dragged the can to the curb, I looked up at the dark night and marveled at the stars and the moon, made barely hazy by the high, thin clouds, and saw my old friend Orion, who I have spotted in the night sky without fail whether I am here in Utah or deployed to Saudi Arabia. My old friend Orion, reminding me that I am just a blip in the universe, and that all my problems amount to nothing. Everything will be okay.

Thanks, buddy. I needed that.


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