A coming North Korean Genocide? It could happen…

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking “What?  Genocide?  That’s crazy talk.”  Hear me out.

It’s no secret that North Korea is historically unstable, and the increasingly aggressive rhetoric and military development, along with its nuclear capabilities, have only served to ratchet up the tension in that tiny peninsula.  So how can I make the claim that somehow the North Koreans are about to be the victims of a genocidal purge to rival any in history?

Easy.  All I have to do is use my common sense and my imagination.  And for the record, anyone that thinks what I’m about to come up with is unthinkable has never read any Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler, or even a history book.  Follow the bouncing ball, if you will:
North Koreans have 3 ingredients that make them susceptible to this scenario:
An unstable leadership hierarchy
Nuclear Weapons
No hope, as they have no food or even allies now that China is backpedaling like crazy.
North Korea also maintains over ONE MILLION troops in a state of readiness along the border with South Korea, in addition to having the will to place every other citizen into battle to augment their armies as reserves.

So here’s how this plays out:

Increased exercises with the United States and South Korea, along with China’s abandonment and increased pressure from the UN, forces North Korea to MAKE A POINT militarily.  This will be something along the lines of moving troops into the DMZ, firing on South Korean aircraft, or worse—US aircraft.  This is the most likely scenario, but in a time of increasingly scarce resources, I would give better than even odds that the North simply launches an offensive through the Western Corridors in order to topple Seoul quickly and force peace talks.  I would give only slim odds that the North launches a nuclear strike on the South, but if they do, it will almost certainly be successful  due to the proximity of Seoul.

Regardless, military action occurs, and the North, unable to accept defeat, throws its entire force and reserve forces (aka everyday citizenry) at the South.  Unable to defeat the US/UN backed South Korean forces, and unable to return to the North without being killed by their own government, the will be slaughtered by either set of forces, totaling deaths and casualties in the hundreds of thousands in a matter of days.

So, whether intended or not, the United States may be partially responsible for the genocide of the North Korean people.

Or, it could simply be that someone with an ounce of common sense in the North assassinates Kim Jong-Un and sues for peace.

Sorry.  That is the one part of this that I can don’t see happening.


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