Sunday morning…

It’s early Sunday morning, and I’m the only one awake in the house, besides the cats.  Out my window I can see a light breeze swaying our little tree, and some grey clouds line the northern horizon.  I guess we’re supposed to be in for 3 days of windy, wet weather.

I love Spring.  Much more than Winter (I’m too old for the cold, now), and ever so much more than Summer (hot is okay, I suppose).  Give me a good Spring and I’m a happy guy.

What about Fall, you ask?  It’s not the same.  Sure, it falls between Summer and Winter like Spring does, but it’s still different, at least here in Utah.  Spring is like a roller coaster ride where you know the destination–Summer.  Fall is like a roller coaster ride where at any moment you can get stuck in a snow drift.  No thanks.

Today, since there’s no A-to-Z-Challenge (Sundays off!), I just figured I’d jot down a little something to stay in the mode, as it were.  Later today I need to get back to work on my big projects, but a quick “good morning” on a Sunday morning seemed appropriate.

So, consider yourself “good morning”-ed, and go do something productive today.  Or not.  That’s the great thing about Sundays.  Before you know it, it’ll be Monday, and who needs that?

Not me.


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