“N” – A to Z blogging challenge – Day 14

Nobody’s Hero” from 1993’s  Counterparts:

This song is an indictment of society’s obsession with false heroes, and how true heroes get lost among the “popular” heroes: the actor or beautiful woman instead of the doctor or pilot.

But he`s nobody`s hero
Save the drowning child
Cure the wasting disease
Hero — lands the crippled airplane
Solves great mysteries
Hero — not the handsome actor
Who plays a hero`s role
Hero — not the glamour girl
Who`d love to sell her soul
If anybody`s buying,
Nobody`s hero1

Can you say Reality TV?

It speaks for itself, really.  There’s not a lot to add here.

1Rush.  “Nobody’s Hero.”  Lyr. Neil Peart.  Counterparts.  Atlantic Records.  1993.  CD.

One thought on ““N” – A to Z blogging challenge – Day 14

  1. Thank you for this – Lance Armstrong, our own Oscar Pistorius, so many with feet of clay. The hero is invariably the one out of the limelight doing what needs to be done.


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