Are you freaking KIDDING ME?

In response to David Sirota’s article on

David Sirota expresses the completely asinine wish that the Boston Marathon bombing was carried out by a white male American, because then the hypocrisy that such bombers are almost always dismissed as “lone wolves” instead of becoming the face of fear as it relates to their ethnic background like an Arab bomber would be exposed.

A couple of points I’d like to make here:

Wishing that the perpetrator of the bombing fits a certain ethnic or national profile just to try to make a political point (however retarded that point might be) is just as bad as actually doing the bombing TO MAKE A POLITICAL POINT.

Claiming that a group you don’t agree with is responsible for an attack like we say Monday in Boston without any information at all is irresponsible and designed only to frighten (or TERRORIZE) the populous.  Perhaps all pompous, left-leaning, journalists should be profiled as political terrorists, since they only seem to exist to attempt to turn any event into a political statement, which is the normal pattern of terrorist behavior.

As a general rule, the idea that a white, male, American that perpetrates a bombing is a “lone wolf” type person is normally true.  Don’t believe it?  Notice that whenever a “crazy, white, male, right-wing extremist” does something crazy, the first group to decry that actions are… (wait for it) white males!  There isn’t some elaborate support system that funneled him funds and supplies.  There is genuine outrage from his community, church, and other organizations they might belong to.

But whenever an Islamist/Muslim/whatever perpetrates a crime, the first people that decry the actions as not representative of the norm are… (wait for it) NO ONE!  There are no massive outpourings of opposition by the person’s (or normally, group’s) church/mosque/town/country.  And there is normally a support network that made the attack possible.  As if that isn’t enough, the attacker’s “home country” winds up celebrating in the street following the attack.  We didn’t see New Yorkers celebrating in the streets when those bastards from Boston finally got what they had coming to them, did we?  No.

I’d tell Sirota to go back to school and learn something, but since he’d just have his current behavior reinforced by the academics there, it would be a waste of time.

What a D-bag.


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