“Q” – A to Z blogging challenge – Day 17

Q is for Quirky, that’s good enough for me….

There is no song by Rush that begins with the letter Q.  Which is sad, really.  Q is such an under-appreciated letter.  You almost never see it by itself, though, there’s normally that pesky “U” tagging along.

Anyway, “Q” does belong in the word “quirky,” which is an apt word to use to discuss the band, especially their live shows.  Beginning in the early 1980s when bassist Geddy Lee stopped using stacks of amplifiers onstage and decided to put a refrigerator behind him in order to visually balance the stage, because guitarist Alex Lifeson still had stacks of amps on his side of the stage.

Over the years, the fridge has been replaced by 3 clothes dryers (with roadies coming out to put more $$ in them to keep them running, and the eventual addition of an automat) -> HERE*

rotisserie chicken cookers (with a guy in a chef’s outfit coming out to baste them occasionally)–>HERE*

and now a steampunk inspired sausage making machine.

Re-read that last part: steampunk inspired sausage making machine.  Yeah, really.  HERE* it is.

Anyway, this is a band that likes to have fun, with everything from jokes (both obvious and inside) included with album liner notes, to the aforementioned stagecraft.

A quirky band that doesn’t care—and never has—what naysayers think.

We should all take a lesson from that, I think.

* All photos property of the respective linked sites, with my thanks.

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