“U” – A to Z blogging challenge – Day 21

U is for ….?

Sadly, we’ve reached the second letter of the alphabet for which there is no Rush song:  U.  Another bummer, to be fair, but another chance for me to be creative in my blogging.  After all, U is hardly an easy letter to expound upon, so what can I do to keep up my Rush themed A-to-Z Challenge?

Unique?  Well, they certainly are unique.  Same lineup since 1974, still making original, high quality, fan-appreciated records that aren’t simply rehashing the same song over and over (**cough cough ** Aerosmith **cough** Rolling Stones **cough**).  They’re not relegated to the “nostalgia” circuit.  They don’t trade on their fan-base with $400 tickets and limited live shows.  That kind of makes them unique, doesn’t it?

Unappreciated?  Well, until last Thursday night when they were FINALLY inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, this would have been accurate.  After 14 years of eligibility, they were finally placed on the ballot and voted in.  So someone—many someones—at that level appreciates them, or is/are at least pretending to.

How about “unbowed?”  This is a band that never surrendered themselves or their music to anyone.  They made it, protected it, and nurtured it to make sure that it was theirs, for themselves and their fans.  The aim of any true artist: to create something innately yours, that fans can accept, regardless of what “critics” say or other people try to tell you to do.  As this concept is addressed in so many ways by the music this band makes, I think that’s where I’ll end this one:

Rush:  UNBOWED since 1974.


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