“W” – A to Z blogging challenge – Day 23

“We Hold On” from 2007’s Snakes and Arrows

As we get closer to the end of this A-to-Z challenge, we hit upon this song, which I love because it completely rocks, but also because it brings into clear relief the longings of everyday people striving to accomplish.  As an artist, it speaks to me.

How many times
Do we tire of all the little battles
Threaten to call it quits
Tempted to cut and run1

Indeed, how many times as we go through life does it seem easier to just quit whatever it is that we are trying and give up?  Too many, regardless of what we might be trying, whether it is some artistic endeavor, going to school, changing to a better job: whatever.

How many times
Do we swallow our ambition
Long to give up the same old way
Find another road to take1

Most of us will simply acquiesce to the lure of surrender.  Quitting is always the easiest path.

Keep holding on so long
Cause there’s a chance that we might not be so wrong
We could be down and gone
But we hold on1

Fight!  Fight against that urge to simply accept or quit.  Fight for what we believe or want.

Hold on.

1Rush.  “We Hold On”  Lyr. Neil Peart.  Snakes and Arrows.  Atlantic Records.  2007.  CD.


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