Oh, for a muse of…..

You sit alone at the bar, nursing your drink and generally enjoying the music, the vibe, the endless array of beautiful women as they laugh and dance, an enticement to the eye and spirit.  Other men approach and are acknowledged or rejected by them, all as you watch and wait for that one woman who will inspire you to action.

You have nary a care in the world.

One goddess in particular catches your eye.  Tall, slender, gorgeous, with a smile that would light up the Superdome if not for the hint of sadness hiding behind her dazzling eyes.  There is a story there.  A story you would like to learn and be a part of.  A story that would make you laugh and cry and love her beyond measure and for all time.

A gentle tap on your shoulder tears your attention away from the vision that is exciting your mind and soul.

If it is possible, and even more beautiful creature has appeared at your side, her eyes filled with mirth as she smiles a smile that drives all thought of that complex creature that so recently filled your mind and soul with inspiration.  You know in your bones that this woman will only string you along, taking what she needs from you while you patter hopelessly behind, doing the same thing day after day:  never moving, never progressing, never growing.

All this while abandoning that exquisite creature that sparked so much inspiration in your soul, whose story you longed to know and to tell.

And she will make you not care.

Which one do you follow?  That miracle of a story waiting to unfold before your eyes, or the day to day sameness of beauty without depth?

Which Muse is yours?

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