Blogging vs “Writing”

Is blogging a writer’s cop-out?

I have been asking myself this question a lot lately.  In an attempt to post to the blog on a fairly regular basis, I feel like I have been neglecting my “actual” work:  that of writing stories and novels.  I find myself spending more time devising topics to discuss here instead of devoting the time to the projects I already have working.

Is this some form of general procrastination?  A manifestation of insecurity about those other projects?  Or am I still simply in the process of finding that balance between the two?

I hope that it is the last option.  I have come far in overcoming my fears about the reception of my creative work, so maybe it is just a matter of me finding the proper balance between my life, this blog, and my creative efforts.

I am not saying that writing this blog isn’t a creative endeavor; everything I write is a creative piece.  Most of the “academic” papers I wrote in college were just thinly veiled creative pieces.  And I certainly don’t want to disparage any other bloggers out there; this is work.  Hard work.

I guess I’m just in a bit of a creative funk right now, though I am trying to address it directly.  I want to keep posting here, and I WILL finish the major pieces I have going.  I guess I’ll just have to listen to Yoda:  “Control.  Control.  You must learn control.”

So:  is blogging a cop-out for writers?

No.  No way.

Blogging can be an invaluable tool in working out ideas, problems, plots, characters, opinions, confusion, and distraction so that we can focus more on other things.

Therefore, I will keep on blogging, regardless of how often or how rarely, because I think that it is becoming a critical weapon in my arsenal.

I will keep writing.

And that includes blogging.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone.  Remember those who have served and those who still do.

8 thoughts on “Blogging vs “Writing”

  1. [ Smiles ] In most cases, blogging is related to writing; it is a little difficult to separate the two unless one has a photo blog.

    Great article!


  2. Blogging to me, is as much about showing your creativity to the world, but also expressing what you feel and love about writing and other topics like music, and poetry. Some have an anonymous face, or name, and so can write and post about topics, they may be afraid to do under their real name.


  3. Hi Mark .. it’s keeping on writing and doing … I think everyone who blogs is amazing as they often have so much going on in the background … homelife, writing their books as you do .. etc etc ..

    I’m pleased I’ve left my blog theme open-ended – it makes it easier (theoretically) to find topics – actually I have way too many … but one day I’ll get to put them into a book format of sorts …

    You have your goals and you’ll get there … enjoy this weekend .. Hilary


      1. Aww, I was the first tag, awesome-ness! My site isn’t fancy where I have different categories of blogs and thoughts, it’s just all one free-flow format. Since I’m in the middle of my “Adventures of Little Dude’ story, I will follow through with the WIP tag when the story is complete (I have two more posts to go, and yes I am spacing them out on purpose)

        Mark, I identify with your creative struggle on finding interesting things to blog about, and yet feeling like “wait a minute, I should be writing my actual manuscript instead.” I’ve not successfully managed my time online with all the different social media platforms I’m a part of, while participating in the event we call life, followed by the real reason for my various online presence(s): my actual writing! It’s a tough cycle to juggle.


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