And that’s what’s wrong with Hollywood.

This is a rant, pure and simple.  I am going to offer NO statistics, NO in-depth market research, and NO insider information.  What I am going to offer is the point of view of someone who loves movies.  I do: I love movies.  I love all kinds of movies, even those of the nominally ‘B’ variety.  But that’s okay; those movies have a place, and they know it.


What the HELL is wrong with Hollywood?  Seriously.  Who is running that brain-trust of studio heads and money-men?  Why must Americans be continually subjected to the worst possible entertainment?  From American Idol forcing would-be “superstars” (a posting better left to a music aficionado) to the continual stream of dreck that drips into our movie theatres, American’s are given a continuous diet of unimaginative storytelling catering only to the lowest common denominator of intellectual discrimination, and dragging the rest of us down to that level.

As a result of there being no alternatives, these movies do well at the box office, and studios rush to create sequels, duplicate subjects, and churn out still more of this drivel, which in turn leads to such movies doing well.

Case in point, this week’s box office champ: The Purge.  I have previously reviewed this film, available HERE, and after its surprising victory over Fast and Furious 6, the studio has green-lit a sequel.

Really?  Hopefully we get a quality product this time, instead of the mindlessly wasted opportunity of a film that we were treated to this time.  When will Hollywood learn that most movies fans want quality film.  Sure, there’s a place for mindless entertainment, but not bad films.

Holy crap!  Make it stop, people.  I’m begging you.

For all our sakes.


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