An explanation for regulars of MyOwnLittleShadow.

 I suppose that it has been hard to miss that my last few posts here have been a bit….brusque.  I understand if that has upset some people, as those posts haven’t been peppered with the silly wit and mindless banter that normally inhabit my posts.  Please understand that this blog is not going to be turning into some sort of crazy, politics-first stopover.

Far from it.

This blog is about ME.  About what I think and feel on any and all subjects.  As a writer, the best way for me to express my opinions about various things is to write them down.  Sometimes they are presented in a humorous way to make a point, and other times I just can’t bring myself to sugar-coat or dance around a feeling or opinion I might have, and so I just lay it out there.

Honesty and freedom.

The need to be honest when expressing one’s opinions to the world, but more importantly, the freedom to do so without fear.

I don’t expect everyone that reads this blog to agree with everything I write, whether it’s my opinions about writing or my thoughts about politics.  I never expected that.  That’s what makes America great.  That’s what makes the artistic community great.  Artists are able to see the merit in someone else’s work, whether or not they “like” it.  The can appreciate the effort and import of the work to the artist that created it, regardless of whether they would have “done it that way” or not.

If someone wants to discuss something I’ve written I’m happy to do so.  I’ve always said that.

So, while I am not sorry for any of my recent posts, I am sorry if I have made you think that there will be no more comedic interludes or writing discussions or just plain silly movie reviews or what-have-you.

There will be silliness aplenty here.  I don’t think I’m actually capable of not making light of things.  It’s how I’m wired (or mis-wired, depending on how you look at it).  I am also capable, however, of being serious when the situation warrants it.  Recent events have dictated that I eschew my normal approach when discussing these things, and I hope you all understand that.

If I was just going off on a rant, I called it that.  I have never claimed to be an expert on anything, just someone with an opinion.

Serious subjects need serious discussion.  When I have attempted to do so, I have tried to do it without insulting or belittling anyone, but only to express my opinions on the subjects at hand.  I hope that I have succeeded.

Silly subjects require silly discussions.  I have every intention of returning to those as often as possible.  They are my favorite kind, after all.

Stay tuned.  This is still MyOwnLittleShadow, and it’s still the same place you’ve been visiting.



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