Clockwork Angels: the Novel, by Kevin J. Anderson – A Review

My review of Kevin J. Anderson’s novelization of Rush’s Clockwork Angels is up at  Here’s a taste:

Owen Hardy’s whole life is planned out for him by the Watchmaker, who rules over the land of Albion with perfect precision, down to scheduled afternoon rain showers.  About to come of age and take his place within the Watchmaker’s grand design, Owen longs for one last—and first—adventure in a land of harmony, where “all is for the best.”

He gets his chance when he jumps aboard the steamliner that runs past his village of Barrel Arbor, known for its apple orchards and simple life.  Once aboard, he sees that not everything in Albion runs as smoothly as he has been led to believe his entire life.  When he reaches Cown City, the seat of the Watchmaker’s power, Owen learns that while the vast majority of the citizens of Albion relish the certainty that the Watchmaker provides them, there are those who do not.

Read the rest of my review HERE.

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