Blogging vs Writing 2: a Practical [yet completely anecdotal] Examination

I have previously written a blog post titled “Blogging vs Writing” (available HERE) in which I discussed whether blogging was a cop-out for writers.

That’s not what this posting is about.

It’s about how the process is so different, at least for me.

When I want to Write (as opposed to Blog), I sit down and think about the story in large strokes, then kind of map it out in more specific terms until I get it down to a point where I can allow myself to start writing and see what develops out of that planning.  For me, I exercise a lot of wiggle-room in the writing process.  If I get what I think is a good idea/plot/story, then I will let the characters and events dictate how the writing goes.  That’s how I do it.

It works for me.

Blogging, on the other hand (my other hand: your hand may vary), is simply a matter of me deciding on a general topic and then starting to write about it.

Like this.

Why no advanced planning?  Because, for me, Blogging is more honest, more pure, than Writing.  It doesn’t have to be pored over and edited and planned and outlined and analyzed to the nth degree, like some beautiful piece of fiction.  Obviously some posts have to be more thought out than others, especially those with some sort of “official” message, but I like to think that the less planning goes in to the blog, the more genuine the thoughts and ideas expressed are for the reader.

I could be wrong, though.  Wouldn’t be the first time; probably won’t be the last time.

The worst part of the difference for me?  The fact that I can sit down and knock out anywhere from 300-700 words of a blog entry without breaking a sweat most days, when that much Writing can sometimes take days.


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