Back from Vacation: or, How tired can one human being be?

Yesterday morning, I flew back home after spending 4 days in beautiful Las Vegas for the 4th of July weekend. Woke up to go to work this morning, and realized that I am tired. Like, really tired. As in: is it nap time yet?*

What is it about going on vacation that just sucks the life out of us? Isn’t the idea that we are supposed to go on vacations to recover from the exertions of our everyday lives, and then return to our “normal” lives refreshed and invigorated and ready to go to work?

You know: to RELAX.

Why are we all so wiped out when we get back form vacations, then?

Is it the travel? Normally I would say no, unless we are driving for a full day (or more) each way. Otherwise, when it comes to travel, flying is easy (TSA notwithstanding, of course).

If we’re on a destination vacation (Las Vegas, Hawaii, Disneyland, etc.), we should be doing things, not worrying about traveling. Granted, if we overschedule our “vacations,” then it can seem like work because instead of just enjoying ourselves, we are constantly worried about making the deadline for some event or other.

That’s not saying that there shouldn’t be certain things that we plan to do at certain times. Some things can only be done at certain times, so we have to work around them. But we should do the best we can to mix those scheduled events with other, less time-stringent activities so that we don’t feel rushed to get from point A to point B in order to minimize the go-go-go of one activity after another, which will only make the “relaxing” vacation feel more like a series of “must-do’s” like we would have at work.

Of course, if time is short and the list of things we want to do is long, then the scheduling of activities one after another may be unavoidable. But that is the price we pay to do and see things that we want to do. Sadly, it can also lead to being really wrung out by the time that vacation is over.

In the end, though, a vacation jam-packed with activities is still better than a week at work. Think about that while you’re fighting off the effects of your long weekends and other vacations.

*Really: I nodded off twice while writing this…at work.

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