This Mortal Coil 2: the Recoil

Well, I made it home from Texas after visiting my mother in the hospital (see previous post HERE)

I could say that she made a vast improvement in the few days I was there, but that wouldn’t accurately reflect the fact that she really didn’t have any place to go but up from where she was when I saw her Friday night. The really sad thing is that, as bad as it was when I arrived, it had apparently been worse 24 hours prior when my family called me. But she’s still not in a condition I or my brothers feel is all that great, although the improvement is steady.  Slow, but steady.

So, as I have said, she has made great strides, as the doctors are pretty adept at treating symptoms. But as for determining the root cause of the emergency, they’re still in the dark, according to the last update I got. So, having come home, I must now wait on pins and needles in anticipation of an eventual call that can only have one of two outcomes.

Obviously, I hope for the better of the two. I’ve had my problems with my family over the years, but they’re my family. Everything else—anything else—falls by the wayside.

So, just as obviously, I haven’t been doing much writing, not even on the blog, because my brain is in no shape to be trying to do that. Oh, sure; some people might say that some sort of distraction would be good for me, and they may be right.

But I’m not ready for that, yet.

“Suffering builds character?” I don’t think so. Our character is what it is, and my character (in times of crisis) leads me to focus on the problem. Not a lot of room for anything else in that equation for me, but I wish there was. The downside of that is that I am a “fixer”: I like to solve the problem. Here, that isn’t really an option for me.

So I’ll wait, like a good soldier, until there is something more that I can do.

Until then…

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