Obamacare, Obamacare, wherefore art thou, Obamacare?

Why are we still talking about Obamacare?  Because now it’s back in the news because everyone is surprised for some reason that it isn’t doing ANY of the things we were told it would do.

Even Obama has decided that the Employer mandate needs to be delayed.  (Ironic how the “for-the-people” Democrats have delayed the part that helps businesses, not individuals, huh?  But I digress.)

Let’s look at some of what has changed from when this thing first kicked off:

Keep your current plan?  Nope.

Like your doctor?  He won’t take your insurance anymore.  Or he’ll just retire.  Either way, you’re screwed.

Premiums won’t go up?  Ask California and its 140% increase.

Yes, Democrats in Congress fought, lied, and bought their way to passage.  Thanks to Nancy Pelosi, we now know what’s in it, and pretty much nobody is happy about it.  And thanks to chief Justice John Roberts it has been declared Constitutional.

It’s this last part that I want to talk about here.  I’m no legal expert, by any means.  I’m not a lawyer, I’m not a Constitutional scholar, but I like to use common sense and logic.  Not a very popular way to look at things these days, I know, but it’s how I was raised.

John Roberts, in his decision, declared the Affordable Care Act to be Constitutional because the “penalty” for not buying insurance was, in fact, a tax, justified under Congress’ taxation power.  Forget for a moment that the Obama administration still refuses to call it a tax, instead using the word penalty so that they can claim—contrary to the Supreme Court ruling—that the ACA didn’t raise taxes on people.  Let’s look at EXACTLY what that tax—because it is a tax—is on.

The ACA requires Americans to buy health insurance or else pay a tax.  That’s it.  What that means is that to BE ALIVE in America, you must pay.  Period.  As if the imposition of a “pay-to-live” citizenship model wasn’t bad enough, the ACA also allows for some people to have their health care subsidized by tax-payers.  So now, some people have to pay not only for themselves to live in America, but they have to pay for somebody else to be an American.

Doesn’t this violate the principle of equal protection?  Doesn’t it make every single American citizen a slave, someone not free to determine for themselves whether or not to purchase health insurance?  Worse, doesn’t it make non-subsidized citizens indentured servants to those who are being subsidized?

America now has an entrance fee, just like Disneyland.  And just like Disneyland, the idea is quickly becoming much more fun than the reality.

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