Last night: Clockwork Angels

So, last night my daughter and I (and her boyfriend, and a buddy of mine) went to see Rush play in support of their album Clockwork Angels at Usana Amphitheatre in West Valley City (a Salt Lake ‘burb).  Anyone that knows me personally or has read my blog postings knows that I am a huge Rush fan.


Anyway, last night was the last kind-of daddy-daughter get-together for a while, since we are packing her up today to move her to college tomorrow.  Sad, but that’s life.  She’ll do great.  She’s excited and we’re excited for her, so that’s always a good way to start.

Kelsey Mark - Rush 31 Jul 2013

Anyway, last night’s show was, per usual, outstanding. Aside from the guys having to stare into the setting sun for the first half-hour of the show, the rest of the show was incredible. They only have two shows left to play on this tour, then they’ll be off for a bit.  probably another couple of years before they release an album and tour again, so it was nice to see them again.

As I listened to the set, I was struck by how relevant a lot of the songs still were. From “The Big Money”  to “Grand Designs” to “Territories,” the lyrics still resonate with today’s world, despite them having been written 20 years ago.

Universal themes never die, I suppose. I guess that’s why we call them Universal.

I suppose I really appreciated that they chose some “non-standard” songs to play this time, despite the reaction of some fans and critics. But honestly, in a 3 hour show (with intermission), and 20 albums under their belt, they’re entitled to play whatever the hell they want.

The addition of an 8-piece string section for the Clockwork Angels pieces was a nice change of pace.  Some people that don’t like it might complain that it takes away from the “purity” of seeing just the 3 of them up their playing, but I like to think of it as artists trying to give their fans the complete experience of the music.  The album had strings, so rather than use backing tracks, they brought the strings with them.

Rush with Strings - Usana 31 Jul 2013

A nice touch.

They even worked them into some of the older songs, which shows a willingness to play.  “YYZ” got turned into a completely awesome mix of Trans-Siberian Orchestra and a good old-fashioned hoe-down.  It was great.

Anyway, I didn’t really have anything profound in this one, I guess.  I just wanted to wax a little nostalgic or whatever.  I saw a band I love, and my incredible daughter got to see them again before she heads off for school, and we were both treated to a great example of not resting on your laurels.

That’s all I got for this time.

Back to your lives citizens.


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