“The Godborn: The Sundering, Book 2” – A Review

My latest book review is up.  It on Paul S. Kemp’s The Godborn.  Here’s a teaser.  The link to the full review is below.

QUICK HIT – Kemp’s 2nd chapter of Wizard of the Coast’s The Sundering series is good, but following R.A. Salvatore’s opening entry, The Companions, proves to be tough.

Spoiler Warning: I am trying to provide a decent look at the book and will try to avoid any big violations

This second entry in The Sundering series concerns itself with the fate of the world of the god Mask, whose divinity has been split between several heroes (and not-so-heroes). The keepers of that split divinity conspire between and against one another to various ends; some noble and some not-so-noble.

With heroes, their descendants, Mephistopheles, and others all jockeying for personal gain, it comes down to a few to do what is right and save the realm from Shar, a goddess intent on completing the Cycle of Night and ending the world.

For my full review of Paul S. Kemp’s The Godborn, please visit LifeIsStory.com, or click HERE.

To go straight to my full review of R.A. Salvatore’s The Companions, please visit LifeIsStory.com, or click HERE.


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