Olympus Has Fallen – Movie Review


So, I finally got around to watching the Gerard Butler actioner “Olympus Has Fallen.”

Thank you, Netflix.

Both “Olympus Has Fallen” and it’s first cousin, the Jamie Foxx/Channing Tatum vehicle “White House Down” involve a devastating attack against the White House. For reasons I won’t get into, I have no desire to see WHD.

Olympus, on the other hand, I had wanted to see for a while. Revolving around Mike Banning, Secret Service agent on the President’s detail, we are treated to the story of a man exiled from the job he loves because he did that job and the First Lady dies. Relegated to a desk job in the Treasury Department, Banning longs to return to the fold of personal protection detail.

When the White House is taken down in 13 minutes by Korean re-unification special forces who infiltrate as part of the South Korean President’s delegation. Taking the President—played admirably as the widowed leader of the free world by Aaron Eckhart—hostage after evacuating into the underground command bunker, the Koreans search for his son to use as leverage to get the President to give them the code to something called Cerberus [the 3-headed dog that guards the entry to the underworld].

Cerberus is a failsafe system designed as a way to abort any accidentally launched nuclear missiles, allowing them to be destroyed even after launch. As it turns out, a little more thought could have been put into the design of Cerberus’ operation.

Regardless, Mike Banning saves the President’s son, the President, and even deactivates Cerberus in time. To learn what “in time” means, you’ll have to watch the movie yourself. Suffice to say, I saw it coming way early, which tells me that I tend to think like a terrorist, which is kind of disturbing.

I promise that I will only use my powers for good, not for evil.

Anyway, the important part of this film is not the outlandish explosions or never-ending ammunition supplies. What makes this film worth watching is that, once again, we see how a country/building/people [not necessarily America] that believes they are untouchable end up getting touched, BIG TIME. Whatever your political views, it is important to remember that someone who opposes you with every fiber of their being WILL FIND A WAY TO HURT YOU.

Hopefully, when that happens, you find something in yourself that reminds you of what you believe yourself to be, and helps you to fight for it.

Of course, in terms of “Olympus Has Fallen,” America will recover, refreshed in the knowledge that what America has been throughout history doesn’t simply happen; it happens because people like Mike Banning are willing to do EVERYTHING in their power to ensure that it stays that way.

In today’s world, it’s important to know WHAT YOU STAND FOR, not WHO YOU STAND WITH. People are fallible. Trust in ourselves and what we believe are, in the end, all we can count on.


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