Exposing myself.

No, not like that, you perverts.  Get your minds out of the gutter!

I mean that I have just solicited readers for the manuscript of my novel The Cooper’s Son (excerpt available HERE).  I kind of have that same feeling the first time I actually let anyone read/hear ANYTHING that I’ve written.  It is truly one of the more nerve-wracking experiences of my life.

Of any writer’s life, I suppose.

No matter how many books or stories you might have had published, to turn something that was born inside your head and heart, and lovingly crafted and nurtured, over to someone who might not feel the same way about it as you, well…

I suppose it would be kind of like someone telling Honey Boo-Boo’s mom that her child is a complete, fat, eff-ing retard with not skills whatsoever.

Yeah, it would have to be along those lines.

Oh, except Boo-Boo’s mom already knows that but doesn’t care.

Writer’s care.

Dear God, please just don’t let me hear “Man, this really sucks!  You wrote this?  Ugh!  What a waste of my time!”

Not hearing that would be a great first step.

What would be nicer still is hearing that it’s good, but getting an observation or two that would make me go “Duh! Of course!” and make it better.

The best, though, would be to hear “This is really good.  Nice job!”

Yeah, that would be great.

But, until I get and hear back from those readers, I will just have to move on to my next project.  No spoilers on that yet, but maybe by the end of October I’ll be ready to throw an excerpt up here for you all to look at.

Okay, maybe one spoiler:  it’s tentatively titled The Warden.

And I’m digging it a lot.  It’s one of those ideas that just came out of nowhere and started writing itself.  Now I just have to finish the job.

Enjoy the upcoming week, and remember:

“Writers write!”

And suffer anxiety, panic attacks, and alcoholism.



One thought on “Exposing myself.

  1. “Man, this really sucks! You wrote this? Ugh! What a waste of my time! Damn hacks!”

    Totally kidding of course. I can so relate to these fears because, well, you know I’m also a writer. Much as we try to develop/have a thick skin the fact is we’re still human and we still have feelings. Some of those feelings we attempt to drown with alcohol or some other vice. If we’re lucky we manage to channel those feelings into something productive, like more writing and less bitching or drinking. It’s a tough battle but we do what we do because we love it and, to some extent, we’re simply crazy mofos.

    I wish you all the best with your manuscript. And I’ll send out vibes for good, positive, and constructive reviews. Good Karma or something like that.


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