Do calm waters and still winds make a bad sailor?

I’ve been getting ready to head out to the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association (RMMLA) conference in 2 weeks, and I’ve got the novel I will be reading an excerpt of out to test readers, and I’ve been trying to work on the novel I plan to excerpt for the Far West Pop Culture Association (PCA) Regional Conference in February (Vegas, BABY!), but I find that I’m having some trouble staying on task of late.

It’s not writer’s block.  I know where I’m going with these various projects.  It’s more like my brain is on vacation, basking in the sun and lollygagging (thanks to Bruce Campbell for the word) on the beach.  It feels good, really.  I’ve been reading, trying to spend more time with my wife (now that we’re empty-nesters), and catching up on some quality television (thank God that the Fall seasons are starting), and I’m really digging where I’m at right now.  I have no intention of not completing the projects I have, or of not starting new ones.  I already have several others in mind, and I’m excited to see where they are going to end up.

I was wondering, though:  does this make me a bad writer?  Is it wrong to let myself recharge?  I know of other authors that are ALWAYS working, and I wonder if I should be like that, or if, by way of their constant writing, are they taking the enjoyment out of the process and treating it like a job.

I want this to be my JOB.  I mean, I suppose that really I do, but to spend every single moment slaving away to churn out material?  I kind of like laboring over a project, crafting it till I’m really happy with it, rather than going “Oh, deadline!  Better crap something out real quick.”

Again, does this make me a bad writer?  Am I a hobbyist?  Am I charlatan?

I hope not, because I love writing.  I love creating people and places and events and turning them loose upon the world to see what havoc they can wreak upon an unsuspecting populace.

I hope not, because I like doing this.

The occasional trip to the beach not withstanding.

So, I will endure these calm winds and still waters and attempt to steer the ship of my creativity to far-flung ports of call, there to encounter people and places heretofore undiscovered.

And I will tell their stories.

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