Day 2: Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo


Up early and over to the venue, ready to do some serious viewing.  I won’t lie to you: I’m a fan, so I’ll be availing myself of the opportunities that present themselves to meet some of the people I’ve always wanted to see.

Still surprised at how NOT CROWDED the venue is.  That’s not to say that it’s not bigger than yesterday, but it’s NOT CROWDED.  Very strange.

Interior Crowd - Comikaze Day 2

Outside Crowd - Comikaze Day 2

But nonetheless, in I went.  I love looking at the art.  Art is truly the new literary medium, so easy to supplant the written word.  The stories are still there, but crafted for a generation weened on images.  Can that really be a bad thing?  Like most cultural shifts, the answer is likely yes and no.  The story must come from somewhere, and so the art of language must form the base of it, but by incorporating more and more visuals as the primary means of transmitting that story, it can become more accessible without the need for advanced language skills.

Surely, then, this is a good thing.  For timeless tales to be told again and again, imparted to a new generation, this must be the goal of any literary endeavor.  Whether a word, and image, or even a musical note, the transfer of emotion from one individual to another is the highest calling a human can aspire to.

And now, on a personal note, allow me to hit one of the highlights of my day:

James Hong strangling me

That is James Hong (Big Trouble in Little China, Balls of Fury, etc) strangling me with the strap of my bag.  So, you know, I’ve got that going for me.

Oh, and two more…

Best Day Ever

Yes.  Bruce Campbell and Stan Lee.  Mission accomplished.  Neither photo-op took much time, including the wait, and people were much better behaved than at the Salt Lake Comic Con.  Even the photo folks were the same, and they remembered how crazy it was for Shatner and Stan up there.

You know it’s bad when the photo contractors remember it.  They agree that next year will be better, though, so that gives me hope.  I didn’t even try to get a photo with Stan in SLC, and this is the first opportunity I had to see Bruce, but it was awesome to watch him interact with the fans.  Check out his twitter feed @groovybruce to see a picture he came out to take of (not WITH–OF) a fan with a completely original and incredible costume.  He seems to be a real class act when it comes to dealing with the fans.

I really wish I had gotten to schedule that interview with him.  Stan as well, but I understand that they get hammered with press and they can’t do them all.

At least I was able to fulfill my fandom, and I am not the least upset about that one.

Final day tomorrow–a short one for us–because we still have to drive back to Vegas.

See you on the other side!


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