Day 3: Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo

Today will be an abbreviated one for me, since I will be driving out of LA this afternoon for my stop-over in Las Vegas (ba-BY!) on the trip home.  I think I’ve done and seen a lot in the last couple days, so it’s mostly tying up loose ends for what I want to see and do.

However, I am primarily hoping to accomplish something pretty sweet for the missus.

Oh, yeah; pulled it off.

Since she couldn’t come, she wanted to get something signed by Josh Gates from Destination Truth.  No problem, I thought, but that seems kind of anti-climactic or boring.  So, I came up with an outstanding idea.

As I was sitting with my daughter waiting for the venue to open, who do I see downstairs getting his badges?  Josh Gates.

This is going to be good.  Ran down and told him what I wanted to do; he was all for it.

Went inside to the autograph area and got in line.  Got to the front, selected a striking photo that made Josh look especially adventurous, and as he signed it, I pulled out my phone and dialed.

You know what comes next.

“Hi.  Is this Shannon?  This is Josh Gates.  How are you doing?”

Totally nailed it.

So, after a brief conversation, I got my phone, the signed photo, and the co-pilot and I made a last swing through the exhibit area.

I am STILL amazed at how NOT CROWDED it is here.  Busy, fun-filled, and enjoyable.  But not crowded.  I hope that the folks running the Salt Lake Comic Con were here talking notes.  They could learn a lot.

Oh, and for no particular reason at all, here’s a little something that made me smile this weekend:


So, headed out and hit the road.  Made it into Vegas without incident, and CANNOT WAIT for the final trip home tomorrow.

As for my time at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo:

Stay Classy LA

Stay classy, LA.

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