“Oh, Hell” – A Review

“Oh, Hell”
Written by George Wassil (based on a world created by Wassil and Michael Connell)
Pencil/Ink by Dave Hamann
Color by Michael Birkhofer
Lettering by Troy Peteri

I got a copy of issue #1 of this title at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo, 2013.  “Oh, Hell” tells the story of Zoel, a teenage girl who is dropped off by her foster parents (after having been found as an infant in a dumpster) in the middle of nowhere as part of a transfer to a supposed boarding school called The Academy.

Unfortunately, The Academy is actually Hell, which collects kids who have been discarded by society, rebel against it, and seems at first glance to be some sort of uber-“scared straight” program designed to convince the kids that they are not powerless, but infinitely powerful to control their fates.

Zoel is forced on the first night to room with a pair of boys named Zipper (who has his own tragic past) and Carl.  There is also the requisite mean girl, with the prototypical cheerleader blond hair, big boobs, and bitchy attitude, and it is established early on that she will serve as the foil to Zoel’s blue-streaked hair, pierced, goth-esque rebel persona.

The stark reality (un-reality?) in which all the teens find themselves is a perfect setup for a morality tale of hellish proportions.  The “teacher” is equal parts menacing and mischievousness, as one would (and should) expect from the headmaster of Hell.

With additional chapters available at www.ohhellcomics.com, I am very interested to see where the books creators take Zoel, Zipper, and the rest.

The art in the book is fabulous; clean, concise, and embodying the vision of writer George Wassil; Hamann, Birkhofer, and Peteri make a fantastic team in this first issue.

I am definitely going to recommend this one for comic fans.  Fans of the supernatural should also be wonderfully entertained.  “Oh, Hell” looks to be one of the better indie comics I’ve run across, and is deserving of a long shelf life.  I will certainly be reading the rest based on what I’ve seen in this inaugural issue.

Well done, Sirs; well done.  Keep up the excellent work.

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