A couple of blurbs…

I was going through a notebook I uncovered while cleaning the office area and I found a couple of blurbs/sentiments that I’m trying to find places for in my work:

“One of the greatest, and most fearsome, abilities man possesses is the ability to sacrifice another. Not out of fear, like a single zebra in a herd fleeing a lion, but out of reason.”

“Be careful what you give up when you “move forward.” Sometimes it is not the “best and the brightest” or ” newest” that you need; sometimes, what you need is the primitive, stubborn, irrational man that simply will not quit, no matter what obstacles you put in his way. The day that you forget that and the last of those men is gone, that is the end of your nation, for without men such as these, no nation can long stand.”

“In the heat of battle, when all is chaos and confusion, it is easy to kill a man, but when a choice needs to be made, the decision to kill has brought even the strongest of warriors to the brink of madness.”

I will find places for these. I just like them too much not to.


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