What I do: an update

So, I do tend to have a rather wide swing on this blog when it comes to topics. I have tried to eliminate the political stuff (for some reason people don’t like hearing things they don’t agree with…weird.), but instead am trying to focus on my movie and event reviews, as well as update my creative writing efforts.

In that vein, let me give a brief update on a few of the irons I have in the fire.

1) Submitting to the Curiosity Quills Anthology. I have 2 pieces in actually, and while I don’t really know if either one will make the cut, I hope they take one. I have a certain affinity for one of the pieces, especially, but I’m starting to feel pretty good about the other one, as well. So here’s hoping.

2) The publishing quest. Still working on the second novel: the YA “Wardens”, while searching for a rep for “The Cooper’s Son.” Persistence, persistence, persistence.

3) Upcoming coverage of Salt Lake Comic-Con’s “Fan Xperience” in the middle of this month. I have previously written about my hopes and concerns about the event here in the Shadow (check the “Event Review” category for more details). In the good news/bad news department, I have been able to submit a series of questions to the organizer, Dan Farr, by email (Yay!). But, it has been 11 days since I sent them and have heard nothing back, as yet. I don’t think I asked anything out-of-bounds, so: fingers still crossed.

That’s about it for now. Hope all you Shadow-folk are having a good weekend. Mine’s been pretty good. I just got back from seeing the new Captain America film. Very enjoyable, indeed, I must say. Perhaps I will get a full review up at some point, but not right now.

Oh, and golf on Friday was pretty good. Not as good as it could have been, but like they say: “the worst day golfing beats the best day at work.”

It’s still true.


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