Salt Lake Comic Con Press Conference – 8 Jul 2014

So, this morning the fine folks running Salt Lake’s upcoming Comic Con held a press conference at the Leonardo museum in downtown Salt Lake to bring the fans up to speed with developments for the upcoming event as well as to announce a few more guests. They’re spacing these announcements out in order to build and maintain fan excitement (as if that is going to be a problem) leading up to the event.


But before I get into that, I need to offer an apology, again, to Mr Dan Farr. During the question time after the announcements, I asked what they meant when they announced that the event would have more space than last time. As I had previously hammered this point during the run-up to April’s Fan Xperience (as seen in my interview with Dan Farr HERE and HERE), I may have seemed to be harping on that point again, when in fact I was just curious as to where the space was coming from, as I thought we had maxed out the Salt Palace for Fan X.

Turns out they’re reclaiming some space from some other functions (such as registration), and moving the Comic Con Film Festival (!!) to the Gateway, which should free up some space.

So, Dan Farr: my apologies again. I wasn’t trying to annoy you, I swear to God, but was just genuinely curious as to where the space came from. I currently can’t upload audio to WordPress or else I’d let you all listen for yourselves.

Anyway, the biggest part of the event was the announcement of some new guests. In addition to the original lineup (Bruce Campbell, Christopher Lloyd, Eliza Dushku, Ernie Hudson, Cary Elwes, etc), we will be seeing the following:

Lou Ferrigno Kevin Sorbo

Weta Workshop Manu Bennett

Michael Rosenbaum  Erin Gray

Giancarlo Esposito Jon Heder

But the biggest applause –by far– came with the announcement of The Big Bang Theory‘s Simon Helberg. Maybe by show-time he can convince one or two of his co-stars to come with him.Simon Helberg

And just because everyone needs to see this, here is your gratuitous Star Wars scene of the day:

Vader Fett and Han


So, who else is looking forward to September’s Con besides me?

Oh, that’s right: Everyone.

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