Salt Lake Comic Con Cosplayer Profile: Brittney Bennett

As part of my ongoing coverage of Salt Lake Comic Con 2014, I thought that I would try to do a brief interview with some cosplayers and artists. Just a quick Q&A to get a sense of who they are and why they do what they do and maybe help them get some exposure. If you know an artist or performer that might be interested in getting themselves a little bit of exposure, have them message me.

And, so, without further ado, here is the first.

Brittney Bennett is a cosplayer based in Salt Lake City, UT. She can be found/followed on the following social media platforms:

Twitter: @wonderflexwoman

Instagram: @wonderflexwoman


How long have you been cosplaying/making your own costumes? (I myself, had never put on a costume until the recent SLCC press conference, when I went as Jayne Cobb. Simple. Easy. And a cheat.)

Not very long at all. It has been just under one year. I feel like I have come a long way in such a short period of time. I honestly was unsure of cosplay until I came across some incredibly talented people and decided to give it a shot. I thought I’d never be seen in a costume and now I always want to wear one.

Are you a bigger fan of comic, video game, or movie characters? Why/why not? (I’m a film and comic fan. Never had time for video games.)

This question is not fair! I love all three equally. I don’t think I can pick just one. But if I absolutely had to (with a knife at my throat), I’d have to go with video games. I’ve loved them the longest.

How many events/types of events you have cosplayed at? Comic cons? Banzai? Sci-fi? Do you travel to cosplay or do you stay more “local”? (I have been to several events, both in SLC and LA, and even Dallas)

Only 1, which was Salt Lake Comic Con FanX. However, I will be at many more in the future. I plan on attending many local events as well as traveling long distance to explore and meet more talented people.

Are you part of a “group” of cosplayers in your area, or do you run mostly solo, with your family looking at you askance when you dress?

I’m currently running solo but things may change in the future. Some of my friends and family may think I look silly when I’m all dressed up. But silliness isn’t a bad thing. :p

Do you sell your costume-making services? If so, what do you normally get asked to create?

I have not sold anything in the past. However, I am currently working on 3D Maneuver Gear from Attack on Titan for somebody and will soon be making a complete Master Chief costume from Halo for somebody else. I plan to continue selling costumes 

As it relates to your costumes, do you consider yourself a “sewer” or a “builder?” Where did you learn your skills? Home Ec? Grandma’s knee? Youtube?

I would consider myself as more of a builder. However, I’m toward being both. I’ve learned a lot of my skills from the internet and Svetlana Quindt (Kamui Cosplay). There are tons of talented people out there who are willing to teach people their ways. I’ve also acquired a lot of skills through improvising and trial and error.

What are some of your favorite costumes that you have worn? Made for yourself (if different)?

My favorites are Riven from League of Legends, and the lady from the beautiful painting “Golden Helm” by Gerald Brom. [Click HERE]

Are you in the con scene strictly for the cosplay, or are you a general-purpose geek? i.e. Do you like movies, comics, etc? Did you start going to conventions and then develop into a cosplayer, or vice-versa?

I’ve been playing video games and watching nerdy movies since I was very young. I read some comics when I was younger but didn’t have much interest in them until more recently. I developed into a cosplayer more recently.

On a scale of 1 to OHMYGOD, how happy are you that Salt Lake now has an event on the scale of Comic Con?

OHMYGOD!! I am more than stoked that my home town has the privilege to host some awesome events.

What is your favorite cosplay/con moment? Why? This doesn’t have to involve a costume at all.

My favorite cosplay moment was finishing my first costume. I realized how much time, effort and money it takes to create my own costume, but also how much fun it is. I found a hidden talent in myself. And I can appreciate other people’s costumes even more after knowing how much work cosplaying really is.

Brittney Bennett

 So, ladies and gentlemen, that is Brittney Bennett (along with someone who looks vaguely familiar). If you manage to locate her during the Con, say “Hi!”


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