Ready to get at it again!

Folks, I know that my incredibly insightful, slightly humorous, oftentimes emotional posts have been absent of late, but life, as it so often d0es, has conspired against me the last few weeks.

Allow me to explain. Or, you can skip the explanation and simply scroll down to the BOLD letters near the bottom to get to the bottom line. Whatever.

Around 3 weeks ago, I was offered a new job. A promotion in the job that I was currently holding, actually. So that was awesome. Problem was, I had already known that the offer was coming after the interviews a few weeks prior to that, so I’d been doing the new job.

Which required me to travel for the last 2 weeks of September.

Which put a damper on my writing.

And my movie watching.

And anything else worthy of posting up here that you might have been vaguely interested in reading about. Or that I could write about, actually, legally-speaking.

Regardless, I am home now and had hoped to be newly vested in my new, higher-paying position, giving me extra money to do more of the things that I like to pass on to you.

But life…

As a condition of my promotion, the position is drug-testable. So they decided they needed a test before they could complete the paperwork for the promotion.

Did I mention I was traveling the past 2 weeks?

Went back to work on Tuesday, because of the Labor Day holiday, and did my drug screening. Unless sugar or cholesterol meds are illegal, I’m good to go.

Except that it will take about a week for the results to get back to HR to finish everything and officially move me into my new position.

Did I mention that I’ve been doing the job for which I am not being paid this whole time? Yeah. That sucks. Will I get back-pay? It’s the government, so probably not, because “it’s not their fault that my paperwork isn’t done.” I can hope that they change my effective date and back-pay me when it’s all said and done, but I’m not counting on it.

So that’s why I haven’t been posting too much here in the Shadow, folks. My apologies.


Today, Salt Lake Comic Con starts. I am up early, sitting in my office, with the world’s most adorable black cat laying across my lap, pinning me down, getting ready to trek down to the Salt Palace, pick up my Press Creds, and EMBRACE THE GEEKDOM. I hope to have lots of pics, maybe some video (once I figure out where to host it to link to here), and get some interviews done and or set-up with some artists that strike my fancy. Maybe even grab a review copy or two of some great, new, small-market/indie comics.

And of course, partake of some overpriced photo-ops, and waaaaayyyyy overpriced concessions.

The point is to have fun. These events are supposed to be a good time. So, if you’re going to be there this weekend, I’ll bet you can’t find me, but if you’re in costume, don’t be surprised to see your picture here later.

If you’re not lucky enough to live near enough to Salt Lake to come, find an event near you. Wizard Cons are pretty widely available, though I haven’t been to one of their events personally, yet. I highly recommend the Con experience to everyone if you love pop culture.

Comics, novels, movies, art, TV….it’s all there, just waiting for you to pluck it off the tree of life and enjoy its sweet nectar filling your soul with happiness.

And crowds.

And noise.

But still: HAPPINESS.

You can’t beat happiness, right?

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