“The World’s End”

I just re-watched the Simon Pegg led ensemble comedy “The World’s End” again the other night.

What a great movie this is.

Just some quick thoughts about it. Not a review as such, but definitely consider this a “watch” recommendation.

Anyway, the protagonist, Gary King (Pegg), ropes his old friends into a legendary pub crawl back in their old home town, one they had failed on as teenagers.

12 pints. 12 pubs. Lots of comedy and adventure.

Really, though, the movie is about Gary’s search for meaning in his life. He never felt that life would be better than that night.

And for him, it wasn’t.

So he spends the entire movie trying to recapture that feeling of invincibility he felt back then. That feeling that he was destined for greatness, for something more than just a life in a small town.

But isn’t that everyone? Doesn’t everyone believe, deep down, that they’re supposed to do something spectacular with their lives? Something that will make people take notice and say, “There goes —. They’re incredible.”

By the end of the film, of course, Gary’s quest had led to some disastrous consequences for him, his friends, his hometown, and the world.

How far would you go to achieve what you believe to be your destiny?

Not as far as Gary King, I’ll wager.

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