“How to Change the World” – Sundance 2015 Film Review

How to Change the World

Sundance Film Festival 2015, Best of Fest

Ostensibly a documentary about the founding, development, and ultimate fracturing of the Greenpeace organization, How to Change the World plays more like a love letter to Bob Hunter, one of the key figures in the development of that group.

A journalist covering the peace movement as they protested nuclear testing in Alaska, Bob Hunter found himself more and more influenced by the goals of the movement, and eventually ended his journalism career to participate full time in the Greenpeace movement. Becoming, through circumstance, the de facto head of the organization, Hunter oversaw protests of whaling and seal hunts, as the group slowly succumbs to the stressors of the disparate personalities that comprise it.

Narrated with the words written by Hunter throughout his career leading up to and through his tenure with Greenpeace, “How to Change the World” features reminiscences of the other founding members of the group, including Paul Watson, who started the Sea Shepherd organization (most famous from the Animal Planet television series “Whale Wars”) after tensions within Greenpeace resulted in his ouster from that group.

Barely an “environmental movie,” How to Change the World is an exceptional piece of documentary film-making, chronicling the history of a group whose impact on the world stage, whatever your political leanings, cannot be understated.


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