“Don Verdean” – Sundance 2015 Film Review

Don Verdean

Sundance Film Festival 2015

Starring Sam Rockwell, Don Verdean is the story of a once-prominent Biblical archeologist who has fallen on hard times after his finds and stories are question. Ten years later, he is called into service by the pastor of a fundamentalist church, played by Danny McBride, who wants to find a way to get his flock excited again, instead of falling under the influence of a Satanist-turned-Christian down the block (excellently played by Will Forte).

First bringing in what his contacts claim is the true “Lot’s wife” pillar of salt, Don finds himself contracted to bring in an artifact that has long eluded him; Goliath’s skull.

Suffice to say, hilarity ensues as Don Verdean and his team try desperately to locate the skull, and the results of their efforts causes great strife back home in America.

Part Napoleon Dynamite, part The Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight, Don Verdean is definitely a must-see comedic event.


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