“Enigma” from Quad M Productions – A Review

It’s fun to look at new comicbooks: ones that don’t have years of established characters, retcons, and film adaptations behind them. It’s refreshing to look at a piece of work with “new eyes,” and be able to appreciate it for what it is, and for what it isn’t, and not be worrying about possibly criticizing a book that has a big “name” artist/writer behind it. God forbid a known quantity puts out something that isn’t perfect. I like to think that I’m above that: that I’ll say “this doesn’t work for me,” or “this just feels wrong,” if I think a book/movie/comicbook warrants it.

That being said, I was graciously gifted review copies of issues 1 and 2 of the comicbook “Enigma,” from Quad M Productions while I was walking the aisles at last month’s Salt Lake FanX 2015.

Enigma Cover 1 Enigma Cover 2

Story and Art: TJ Damon      Cover Art: Joshua Chinsky      Color and Effects: Jason Vickers
Editor: Rick Sharette      Editor in Chief: Jessica Barnett

I haven’t had the chance to review 2 issues of a new book simultaneously; normally, I get 1 and jump into it, so this was a nice change.

I’ll start with the art, as I always do for some reason. Even though I’m a writer, when looking at a comicbook, the art is always what jumps out at you, obviously, so it seems prudent to begin there when talking about a comicbook.

So, I like the art in “Enigma.” I really like the rotoscope look of the covers (seen above). I also like that this technique isn’t duplicated for the body of the books, as it can easily overwhelm the eye in large doses or in smaller frames, but on the cover it’s a unique way to go. Inside, it’s drawn very well, and very much sets the mood for the story. One thing I didn’t care for, art-wise, is that it appears to be (and I could be wrong) to have been colored digitally, which kind of detracts from the line work that is otherwise very nice. If it hasn’t been colored digitally, then I’m not sold on the color style.

But I’m a writer, so….

Speaking of the writing, I was somewhat surprised (pleasantly) by the choice the writers made to simply introduce world points and simply expect the reader to take them for granted.

Psychics, for one. They exist (well, at least one does), and everybody in the world seems to either accept that they’re real or to act as if they’re saying “Suuuure, you’re psychic.”

Regardless, the plot is fairly self-explanatory (but not simple), though through 2 issues (out of a proclaimed, 4-part “Genesis” arc), I cannot help but feel like I would like to see this bound into a trade paperback or just made a graphic novel instead of separate issues.

I think the folks up at Quad M are on to something with “Enigma.” It’s clear that they love what they are doing, and have so far constructed a world which fits their vision. I also think that it’s a world that readers can get behind and support.

Tip of the cap, guys!

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