Salt Lake Comic Con 2015 update – 28 February 2015

The latest news from the folks over at Salt Lake Comic Con:



Farewell to a Friend

Leonard Nimoy

We’re sad to say goodbye to Star Trek star Leonard Nimoy today. We’ll never forget his incredible Skype panel at Salt Lake Comic Con 2014. We were fortunate that one of his last public appearances at a convention was for Salt Lake City. You can watch the entire panel here. ​Goodbye, friend. Rest in peace.

Remember and share your favorite memories of Leonard Nimoy with other fans here.



Tickets Go On Sale Next Month

Stay tuned for more details!

Tickets for Salt Lake Comic Con 2015 go on sale next month! Mark your calendars for September 24-26, 2015. Stay tuned to learn more!



Salt Lake Comic Con Celebrity Survey

VOTE on the guests you want!

We’re on Round 2 of our Celebrity Survey! Vote on the Guests you’d like to see at Salt Lake Comic Con 2015 that takes place September 24-26th.

Vote Here


So, Shadow-dwellers, don’t forget to vote in the Celebrity Survey. Let’s get some more incredible folks to come see what Salt Lake can do!

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