Russ Adams conversation, Part 2

Hey, folks! Here’s some more audio from my chat with Russ Adams of Jim Henson Creature Shop Challenge.

I neglected to mention it in the first post, but we were able to chat courtesy of Grounds for Coffee on Historic 25th Street in Ogden, UT (just in case you were wondering what all the background noise was: coffee shop).

Also, thanks to Russ for not walking out just because I don’t drink coffee. I did enjoy a very nice cup of hot chocolate while we talked, but coffee just doesn’t work for me.

Another quick note: the faint female voice you will hear a couple times adding commentary is my daughter, another fan of Russ’ and a concert/event photographer. Her work can be seen HERE.

So, first up from Russ will be a bit about a soon-to-be-released film he worked on called Juarez 2045. Starring Danny Trejo, this just looks like a fun film! Listen HERE.

Then, a quick hit about Russ’ recent trip to Dallas, TX, for ALLCon. Yeah, this one sounds pretty weird. Listen HERE.

Russ and I talk briefly about his upcoming travels and travel to Cons in general. Listen HERE.

More to come, folks. Don’t you worry.

Including a TEASER for some stuff from the show that Russ isn’t quite ready to talk about!

See you ’round the shadow!

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