The Spark of Creation


So, shadow-folk, last Sunday I submitted, by request, several pages of material for a project that I unfortunately can’t discuss in any specificity right now.

But I really need to talk about what’s going with me, so….

While I was originally hesitant about the project, given that it’s not really what I had thought about doing, I found myself warming to the task, given that it was–is–a tremendous opportunity for me, professionally, if it all pans out.

But that’s not all. As I went through the process of generating the material, I began to find bits of myself, creatively, that I had perhaps stifled in the past, opting for material that was more “me.”

So, if nothing else, perhaps I have grown a bit as a writer. But, for now, I can only see how far this episode will progress.

Will all of this work out for me? Will this opportunity lead to another, and another….and so on?

I don’t know. All I know is that my material has been liked (though to exactly what degree of “like” I can’t say: I mean, I like you, but I’m not in like with you.), and that we are planning on setting up an interview to discuss where we go from here, if anywhere.

But that initial rush of validation, of acceptance, of “yes, this is where we’re looking at going” is a powerful thing. But I can’t allow myself to get too excited about it. Not yet. There is simply too much opportunity for things to go wrong, or to go nowhere at all.

For now, I am trying to remember that all it takes sometimes is that one thing, that one person, to keep that tiny spark of creative hope alive in the artist’s soul.

So the artist shields it, protects it, nurtures it. Hoping that even its smallest gleam will draw the audience in, allowing that spark to bask in their light as they would in its, as it grows stronger with every eye, every ear, that beholds it. Hoping that together they might become a raging fire.

And so my own spark glows softly, hoping that the power that fans it won’t extinguish it completely. That it might continue to glow…

and grow.


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