Finally got to watch Interstellar the other day.

What can I say? It was…. pretty good.

Technically, it was a fucking masterwork. Christopher Nolan went for it from a design and world-building standpoint and knocked it out of the park.

Solid writing. Good characters (though the great John Lithgow was criminally underused, in my opinion).

I’ve seen the studies and testimonials on-line praising Nolan’s adherence to the science of the wormhole and time distortion and all of that, but my biggest point about that aspect of it is that he explained it all in a way that wasn’t necessarily confusing for viewers.

Make no mistake, though, this is a geek’s science-fiction movie. This movie isn’t for the casual movie fan.

I didn’t even have a problem with the audio that I had heard so much about. Maybe they remixed it for the DVD release…? Either way, I didn’t feel that the score or effects ran over the dialogue at all.

I do have two problems with the movie, though.

First, the ending was so, fucking, SWEET. It was Saccharine. Ugh. Seriously bad.

Second, the rest of the science aside, did anyone bother to ask how Nolan explained the paradox of humanity saving itself? It’s the fucking Terminator all over again.

And frankly, the whole sequence with Matthew McConaughey behind the bookshelf? Atrocious. Ugh.

A really great concept done in by an overly sentimental, nonsensical conclusion. Frustrating. It really is.

But, damn! It was fun to watch up till then.

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