Writing update – 24 May 2015

Hello, shadow-dwellers!

Time for another periodic update on what’s happening with my writing.

On the freelance front, I’ve completed 2 more editing jobs for Curiosity Quills Press authors. Can’t say which books or authors, because those release dates haven’t been announced yet, but I believe they are on the slate for this year (although I could be wrong on that; it may be 2016).

Started back to work on my own piece, Wardens, which is quickly approaching the 50k word point. I’ll admit, after a layoff of longer than I’d like due to other commitments and an inexplicable lack of confidence in the guy working the keyboard, it started coming along again.

Unfortunately, I picked Wardens up again to the detriment of Waypoint Station, a science fiction piece I started when the idea…. well, no spoilers on that one. Still holding out hope I can find a home for The Cooper’s Son. A solid, Arthurian fantasy can’t find a spot on the shelf? Sad, really. But I digress.

What really kicked Wardens, and my writing in general, back into gear was getting called by an old friend of mine, whom I won’t name, to help on a project (that has turned into 3) that I can’t talk about.

Non-disclosure agreements are funny things. They protect a project from prying eyes and loose lips, which makes perfect sense, but they can also lead to a sense of excitement that may not, in the end, actually go anywhere.

It’s kind of like planning a trip for your significant other, not being allowed to tell them, and then having the whole thing not happen at all. All that excitement and self-control–for nothing.

That’s not going to happen on at least 2 of these projects; at least, that’s the way it looks. Of course, these things take time, and so the battle of hope and excitement versus impatience and paranoia goes on, with only the thought of glory on the far side keeping you up and battling.

I have, however, become acquainted with a few gentlemen whose help on said projects will be invaluable in moving them along. Again, I can’t mention any names, but I can say that I am finally beginning to appreciate how vast the online social networks are, and how they can connect people who otherwise might have never crossed paths. They are truly wonderful tools for augmenting (but not replacing) face-to-face introductions.

Also, I was glad to receive word that I (as the Shadow) have been granted press credentials for September’s Salt Lake Comic Con, once again. I’m glad that my coverage of previous events has been appreciated, even if it hasn’t been the most flattering from time to time. I fully expect them to, at some point, say “No, not this time. Sorry.”

But that would be sad.

Also excited that Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo has finally announced dates for this year’s event in LA: October 30 through November 1. I will hopefully be able to procure press credentials for that event again. It’s a fun little (~50k attendence) event, and very laid back. It’s a great time, if you find yourself in LA around then.

Well, that’s it for now. I must get back to the aforementioned writing, while I await further word on projects I wasn’t even thinking of only 60 days ago.

SIXTY DAYS! How much can change, how much wider our vision can become in so short a time. Whether these opportunities play out exactly as hoped or not, they have shown me that these opportunities exist, and that is–almost–good enough.

It’s definitely enough to renew the creative spark inside that says, “press on!”

So, let’s get back to work!


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