28 June 2015 – Salt Lake Comic Con update

Hey, all! Shadow here, apologizing for the lack of updates/discussion of the upcoming Salt Lake Comic Con. Various and sundry issues of both personal and professional matters have been eating away at the clock, but I really wanted to make sure that I didn’t go any longer without talking about my local (and favorite) convention.

Let’s start with a quick run-down of guests. Dan and Bryan have certainly been working hard on this one, with names including, but not limited to (a couple of dream interviews noted, but to talk to any of these folks would be grand!):

Ian Somerhalder, Felicia Day (interview), John Barrowman (interview), Alex Kingston, Sean Astin (interview), Morena Baccarin (interview), Scott Wilson, Kristin Bauer, Walter Koenig, Robbie Amell, Linda Blair, Daniel Cudmore, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Austin St. John, Joel Hodgson…..


And that’s not even getting into the countless writers and artists that are also slated to attend. And all the vendors who sell such awesome stuff!

[Oh, and Mr. Barrowman, sir, I think you might remember my daughter from your last visit. You remember the Jumper, right? She’s REALLY looking forward to seeing you again.]

Photo Op - John Barrowman - SLCC 2014

So far, that’s a good, solid line-up of celebrities. With nearly three months left until the event, I’m sure there will be another BIG name or two that drops. I know that the fan base here in SLC is still holding out hope for a Robert Downey Jr. or a Benedict Cumberbatch level star, and I can certainly get behind that. I have no doubt that Dan and Bryan are paddling like crazy behind the scenes to make something like that happen.

Hey, what about Chris Pratt? Can we get Chris Pratt? I mean, he likes raptors, our state dinosaur is the raptor…. edit: Utah’s state dinosaur (actually, the state fossil)is the Allosaur, but we have a Raptor called the UTAH RAPTOR. Close enough, right?

I’m just saying: Chris, shoot me a message and I’ll pick you up at the airport. No worries. No trouble at all. Just shoot me a message here or on twitter (@mwwoodring) and I’ll be right there. Seriously…. No, just ignore my daughter squealing in the background… yeah… no really, she’ll shut up or pass out from excitement any minute….

Anyway….. back to the event. From all accounts, it looks like this year’s event will be on par with previous events in terms of excitement. I believe that most, if not all, of the vendor spots have been filled (but don’t quote me on that), and people are already receiving their VIP wristbands and bonus materials in the mail, so I think the next 85 days or so is just going to start getting completely nuts as the remaining guests get announced.

I hope that everyone is ready to have a great time, because I sure am, and the folks over at Salt Lake Comic Con are surely doing their best to make sure everyone enjoys themselves.

See you around the shadows, folks!


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