“Foxcatcher” – some thoughts

Watched Foxcatcher yesterday as part of a “catch-up-on-Netflix” double-header.


I don’t want to do a full-on review here, just share a couple thoughts…

It is hard to get past Steve Carell playing a serious role. Even with the Oscar-approved, Nicole-Kidman prosthetic nose, it took awhile to finally stop thinking “Steve sure looks silly with that nose on” every time he came on the screen.

But I finally did, so that says something about his performance.

Creepy. As. Hell.

Mark Ruffalo was solid (as expected) as Dave Shultz. Is there a role he can’t play?

Channing Tatum was, well… Channing Tatum as Mark Shultz.

All that aside, the movie was okay.

That’s it. Just okay. It was a slow burn, which is fine, but even when we reach the inevitable ending of this story, it just… ends.

Despite being based on true events, the film feels more like some sort of incredibly well-thought-out back-story for the characters of some other movie that was to follow.

I won’t tell you not to watch it, because Carell and Ruffalo’s performances are worth that, but don’t feel like you need to rush to do so. It will still be there.


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