Musings of all sorts, August 10, 2015

So, time to for me to catch up on the world at large, instead of spinning out (admittedly awesome) movie reviews. I know everyone loves to hear my thoughts on popular culture and whatnot, because, frankly, I’m just awesome at it.

First, let’s talk “Fant4stic,” that really stupid, poll-tested, PR-approved title for the recent re-re-boot of “The Fantastic Four.”

Once called “The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine,” the First Family of superheroes has a spotty record when it comes to film adaptations.

1994, written and directed by Roger Corman.

2005, directed by Tim Story

2015, written and directed by noonewantstotakecredit.

And by “spotty,” I mean, “pretty fucking terrible.”

Honestly, the best FF origin story ever committed to film is still the Corman version. Say what you want, but as far as origin stories go in comicbook movies, that one is pretty much the best one.

The movie was complete shit, of course, except in a nostalgic kind of way, but what do you expect for $1.5 million? Seriously: Robert Downey, Jr’s facial hair grooming budget averages $8.3 million per Iron Man/Avengers film.

Not surprisingly, this latest version of The Fantastic Four has tanked.


Like, “Thing-falling-from-an-airplane-and-impacting-the-Earth” hard.

So sad. Such a great property to be continually shit upon by Hollywood.

As a long-time FF fan, I’m almost glad that Marvel is ending the comic title, so that it won’t be stained by any more of the garbage that is being filmed in its name.

At least until the rights revert back to Marvel/Disney, where it might get a proper treatment.

Now I’m depressed. Moving on.

Salt Lake Comic Con is only 45 days away, so that’s pretty sweet, right? 120,000 of your closest friends jammed into the Salt Palace, waiting in line for an autograph you may or may not get, buying prints and plushes and comics at or above market value, or paying $8 for a soda.

All sarcasm aside: yes, I am totally ready for this. You have no idea.

Then Comikaze a month after that in LA. Seriously. Totally stoked.

Recent Presidential debate? Didn’t watch it. Was watching The Man From U.N.C.L.E. instead. Good flick. Hope you read my review. Go see it.

Started listening to another podcast recently: Cue Plot Device (@cueplotdevice, Four guys talking various pop-culture topics, ranging from movie trailers, to video games, to board games, to general scientific geekery….

I enjoy it. Not as much as I’d like to, but it definitely has its moments. I would say that it would be better if I was in it, but that would be pretty smug and narcissistic.

Fuck it. It would be better with me it. If I can’t pump myself up (pimp myself out?), what’s the point, right?

Anyway, on the writing front, I’m fairly certain that I’ll have at least one more short story published in an upcoming collection, so, “yay” for me.

Also, I still haven’t heard a “no” from any of the publishers that requested I send them the query on my novel during the last twitter #pit2pub event, so… no news is good news.

On that note, that #pit2pub idea is actually pretty cool. Authors interacting with publishers/agents in 140 characters or less to sell their work for consideration.

Heck, it’s actually closer to 125 characters after the required #s. Quite challenging.

Hopefully I’ll soon have another novel completed to pitch during the next one, whenever it happens.

That’s it for today. More soon, I hope. It’s been a busy time lately and I felt like I needed to touch base with the Shadow realm in a more hands on way.

See you around the shadows.




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