I caved. God help me. Windows 10 upgrade, part 3.

So I managed to finally pluck up the courage to hit “The Button.” I fixed my endless video and Microsoft Office problems, so here we go.

Upgrade to Windows 10 on my main machine. It’s currently running Windows 7. The one I do all my business on. As I speak, it is current doing it’s pre-upgrade “quick check,” which has now been running for about a half an hour.

It’s funny how Microsoft’s sense of time is different from the rest of the known world’s, isn’t?

If you don’t agree, just think about the last time you watched a Windows progress bar tell you how long something was going to take.

30 seconds.

2 minutes.

5 minutes.

1 minute.


Anyway, I’m typing this up on my laptop, which was running Windows 8.1 before I let the Windows 10 upgrade run. My only real gripe is that it seems to run VERY slowly, especially trying to run Chrome, which is where I do 99% of my web browsing.

That kind of pisses me off. I can’t seem to find a good answer for it, except to maybe do a clean install of Windows 10 now that it’s activated for the machine. Frankly, I’ve always hated doing clean installs.

Not because they’re hard to do, or anything.

I just hate reinstalling all my software, especially Microsoft software, as you never know when they’ll decide to tell you that the product key isn’t good anymore.

Anyway, I’m still waiting for the “quick check” to finish.

Wish me luck. I’ll check back when it’s done.

See you round the shadows.


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