Salt Lake Comic Con – The Final Stretch

Well, we’re now only 12 days away from the start of third annual Salt Lake Comic Con (Sep 24-26, Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, UT).

Organizers Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg have undeniably set the bar high this time, at least from a guest standpoint. And while there is still probably at least one more top-tier quest announcement to come, what they’ve lined up so far is exceptional in its own right.

The biggest hits, thus far, have to be the trifecta of Captain America stars: Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, and Hayley Atwell. Seriously, I’m not sure who else they could add to make that combo more ridiculous, unless Samuel L. Jackson or Scarlett Johansson shows up.

Not to downplay Ian Somerhalder’s celebrity, but remember when the first round of announcements was made and his name appeared? People went nuts!

And it only got better from there.

Doctor Who cast members John Barrowman (on his second visit, much to my daughter’s delight), Jenna-Louise Coleman, and Arthur Darvill will undoubtedly drive that fan-base wild.

Harry Potter stars James and Oliver Phelps, internet goddess Felicia Day, Middle-Earth denizens Sean Astin and Dean O’Gorman, Star Trek‘s Marina Sirtis and Walter Koenig, Battlestar Galactica (& Star Trek: Axanar) star Richard Hatch (returning), The Walking Dead‘s Scott Wilson, horror legend Linda Blair, Buffy alum Emma Caulfield, X-Men‘s Collosus, Daniel Cudmore, The Flash‘s Robbie Amell…

Did I mention Anthony-freaking-Daniels, yet? C-3PO?

Throw in the voices of the Animaniacs, an MST3K reunion of sorts, Once Upon A Time stars Christopher Gorham and Kristin Bauer…

That’s a quality line-up. I don’t care what convention you go to, that list of guests is nothing to sneeze at.

Oh, and we just got word that Alan Tudyk will be skyping in with a screening of Con Man, his new web series also starring Captain Tightpants himself, Nathan Fillion.

How’s that for added value?

Add to that the various artists, vendors, and of course the fans who will be bringing their A-game in terms of cosplay and fandom, and you’ve got the makings of a heck of a weekend.

Sound fun? It will be. Make sure you download the app so you can track the panels that interest you. It will keep you on track and provide updates and notices to help make your con experience even better.

And don’t forget: we still have 12 more days for this thing to get even better.

I can’t wait. See you there!


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