Salt Lake Comic Con Update – Day 2

So, the end of day 2 is upon us. Skipped out on the Friday night after-party, this time. Guess I really am getting old…


This is another quick and dirty recap. I’ll get a much more comprehensive post up on Sunday, when it’s all over.

Anyway, the day started really well, with the usual, well-mannered folks waiting patiently for the doors to open.


Everything went pretty well all day, except that some notifications that were pushed down through the Salt Lake Comic Con App were incorrect. At one point it announced that Anthony Daniels’ panel was starting at 3 pm, when in fact he went on at 4, while Felicia Day was holding court in the Main Ballroom at 3. Also, one of the official Cosplay group Photo Ops was mistakenly announced as being for Doctor Who cosplayers, when in fact it was for the Steampunk folks. The fans all had it right, it was SLCC that had it wrong, up to and including the photo op photographer (a member of the SLCC media team).

Petty? Not really, not if folks missed a panel or photo op because of scrambled information. The app is great, but they probably need to scrub it again to get those bugs out of it.

Had one photo op today. Sebastian Stan, aka Bucky Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier.

My poor daughter…


We took the photo, but got called back in for a re-take, as someone’s eyes were closed. So she had to hug him again.

Someone blinked.

She had to hug him AGAIN…

Poor thing…

Anyway, picked up some art, some books, a couple of comics, autographs from Felicia Day and Richard Hatch. They’re both so great to talk to…

Saw some great cosplays, too…. as usual.

Sean Astin had a great panel, as did Anthony Daniels (at 4 pm).


Sat in on the Dungeon Crawlers Radio panel. Interesting…..

More tomorrow. Day 3.

Must sleep…..


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