Some early Saturday thoughts.

I put this up on my facebook page, but decided that it should go here, as well:

Some simple, yet revealing, questions concerning some of the issues of the day. Like, dislike, hate, love, agree, disagree with the topics, you can’t argue the validity of the questions.

1) When has a sign stopped everyone from doing what the sign tells them not to? From ‘keep off the grass’ to ‘gun free zone,’ a sign does nothing.

2) 38 states have fetal killing laws, making it a chargeable offense to injure/kill a fetus in utero. If a fetus is a human life in cases where a prosecutor wants to pile on charges, why is it not a human life when a woman wants to kill it? Is it Schroedinger’s Baby? Both human and not?

3) What law/action would remove firearms from the hands of criminals without impacting law-abiding citizens?

4) If an individual is competent enough to be granted a concealed-carry permit, does that competency end at libraries, college campuses, or movie theaters? Do those places make us too stupid to exercise that competence?

5) Why should a law be passed when it will have zero impact on gun violence or climate change? Such laws are a waste of legislators’ time and pander only to special interest groups. Isn’t the normal result of “we have to do something” usually “we passed something that does nothing about the problem, but makes us feel better”?

6) Isn’t destroying the coal/oil/natural gas industry before alternate sources of energy are proven, ready, and affordable for the customer a bit like moving between spaceships without a helmet? Sure, there’s air at each end of the trip, but the journey will likely kill you.

Anyway, this is the kind of shit that I think about when I get up at 530 on a Saturday morning.

Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Some early Saturday thoughts.

      1. It was a bit snarky in tone, but I didn’t see much point in refuting the swiss cheese of your logic hole by hole. The comment might end up longer than the post!

        I will say you have an energetic style, and the technical aspects of your writing are well above average for WP.


      2. Well, we’ll just have to agree to disagree on how logical the arguments are. I would, however, argue that any shortcomings either side might try to identify in their opponents would rely more on their own biases than on any lack of logic. These are complex issues, as evidenced by the long-standing disagreements between camps.

        I appreciate the hopefully sincere comment on my writing ability. I have worked hard to become proficient and effective.

        Though your somewhat dismissive grouping of all WP blogs is a bit discriminatory. Critique the messenger, not the medium.



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